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PRRH member Ron Luckock has finished the next installment to his video series, Ron's Lehigh River Valley. In this episode he discusses the little borough of Mauch Chunk (current day Jim Thorpe.) The video has many vintage pictures from is vast collection. The Video can be viewed here:
Lehigh and Hudson River Flanger Restoration Update
Story by John Boner
April 2024
Our first update in 2021 discussed the history of the flanger, how we acquired it and the initial evaluation after it was brought into our shop. If you missed that update it can be viewed here: Flanger update 1

In the Spring of 2022, we started work again, with replacement of some badly-rotted floorboards to make it safer to work inside. This turned out to be a very tricky repair, as the floor in that area supported the heavy flanger blades beneath the car. The rotted boards were cut away to a point where the replacements would provide support, and the original design carefully replicated.
floor repair
We also had to repair deteriorated sections of walls and ceiling before we could continue on the roof and exterior of the car. At this time, the sliding windows were also removed for work elsewhere in the shop.
interior work
After completing the interior repairs, work was resumed on the exterior of the car, including rebuilding the buffer beam on the west end, installing parts of the new roof, and beginning replacement of damaged exterior walls.

buffer beam
Rotted siding was replaced and the south side sliding door was re-hung, and repainted.


door hung
The new roof was completed and the cupola framed-out.
As of Spring 2024, the new cupola was complete, and the handbrake wheel and shaft (one unit) had been installed.

cupola completed
The scaffolding used to accomplish this difficult task had been removed for greater access to the car-end.
no scafolding
Further work to be done this year includes installation of roofing, grinding off rust and old paint, and other cosmetic tasks, in preparation for final painting. Work will also need to be done on the undercarriage of the car, and interior. The car will be lighted to allow good views of the interior as well as photography. We hope to be able to roll the car out for exhibition sometime this year.

Last updated 06-27-24